Homestay package

Do you desire the ability to converse freely and with confidence among your English colleagues, friends and associates? Have you struggled to bridge that final gap to fluency?
Our Homestay package is the ultimate immersion program, designed specifically to assist you in gaining control over your spoken English. We tailor a schedule ranging from two to six months, depending on your individual needs. The Homestay package is a private, intensive and customized training platform from which to achieve a high level of success.
The program includes 40 hours of fluency sessions, designed to increase accuracy, expression, and fluidity. Our experts will also take you through a series of accent reduction sessions and will continue to follow-up with you in the proceeding months.
Afternoons are dedicated to sightseeing. Visits include the Monastery of Poblet, the medieval town of Montblanc, the Seu Vella landmark cathedral, 10,000 year old cave drawings, vineyards and olive oil mills and a day at Port Aventura theme park, among many others. For our Homestay Package customers, we have arranged a total immersion, accelerated training getaway. Fourteen days in the idyllic town of L’Albi, Spain, with stunning accommodation, delicious home-cooked meals, and internal transportation for the duration of your stay. Here you will not only practice conversing with native English speakers, but you will also attend one-on-one, and group courses with your tutors and other students.
Don’t waste any more time. Book your Homestay Package today and start fast-tracking your way to the level of communication someone with your motivation, professionalism and sociability desires.




Basic. If you can read this and understand some of it, then you have a sufficient level for our method. Usually, our insecurities make us underestimate what we know but as you go through the course, you will realize that your level is not so low, simply "poorly taught".

Negotiation Level. We like to call it the 'Black Belt'. What does that mean? You will able to communicate fluently, using native speaker language and expressions. The method is based on oral communication and not on grammar.

Depending on your starting point, learning style and, above all, your dedication and personal effort, our method takes between one and six months to reach fluency. To determine more or less how long your training will take, answer this FREE Fluency Level Questionnaire.

A commitment of one hour of personal study time every day is optimal. But with more dedication, the speed of your progress will increase.

You decide. All of our tutors are trained professionals with ample experience. You always have the same tutor, someone who is aware of your progress and what areas need improvement.

Today there are many English courses on the market, mostly grammar based and lacking in method. Our unique method features:

  1. A simulation of the manner in which you learned your first language.
  2. Oral communication as the protagonist, not grammar.
  3. A combination of three systems: tutorials, digitized personal work, and real conversation.
  4. Personalization in method development. We adapt to your level, your learning speed, and your particular needs (your sector, your profession, hours and urgency to master the language).