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Have you ever tried to learn English but had a difficult time using it in real conversation?

My name is Jennifer England and, together with my partners I am proud to bring you the English Laboratory experience. I am a Canadian who has been living and teaching English in Spain for close to 20 years. Through my experience, I have come to learn that the missing piece of the English puzzle, for most of my students, is the ability to practice what they have learned, in a safe environment, without fear of failure.

That is why I have designed a learning experience like no other. Here at English Laboratory we are dedicated to helping business professionals, students and travelers take their English skills to the next level. Through our innovative 2.0 program, individuals are video-linked live directly to one of our professionals who will facilitate English conversation practice. Depending on your starting point, the program lasts from one to six months. Our model consists of 3 twenty-minute sessions a week with the tutor of your choice and a Personalized Daily Training Program. This combination of increased exposure to the language, multiple interactions with a native speaker plus a custom-designed program based on your needs and schedule makes it possible for learners to reach fluency in a maximum of six months.

At English Laboratory we don’t want communication to be a barrier to success for businesses or individuals and so we would like to spread the word that we are here to help.

Do you think we are what you need?

Jennifer England